17 June 2011

Fuji FP-3000B Negative - Cleveland War Memorial Fountain

I took this shot back in April for a friend of mine. She was looking for a Cleveland centric photo to gift to someone who had moved away. She recommended this fountain in the Cleveland Mall which is known as Cleveland's War Memorial Fountain (or as the Fountain of Eternal Life... or Peace Arising from the Flames of War) The fountain is the city's memorial to people who served in WWII and was designed right here in Cleveland at the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1964.

This photo of the fountain was taken on a Polaroid Land 250 with Fuji FP 3000B, and, what you see above is an inverted scan of the paper negative from the film. Definitely one of my favorite shots from the Fuji peel-a-part films to date.

Photograph Info:
Location: Cleveland Ohio
Camera: Polaroid Land 250
Film: Fuji FP-3000b Neg

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  1. I love this photo. Your friend has really great taste.