22 July 2011

Fuji FP-3000B - Some suitcases, a bike, and you should come my show...

The more I shoot with Fuji's FP-3000B the more I like it. The tonal range and contrast to the film is really nice, and, the fact that I can leave it sit or carry it around with me without peeling it until I am home is even nicer. Of course, if I'm not on the move, the ability to peel the film after a quick 60 seconds is also great, because lets face it, I'm impatient when it comes to seeing how a photo turned out. There's really just a great flexibility to this film, I need very little light to get a good shot, and there's always something fun about shooting with my Polaroid 250 (mostly the looks and questions that I get from people while I'm using it)

These two photos are from polaroid week. After the polaroid walk, while everyone was sitting in Aperture getting their shots scanned for the Aperture blog post, I pulled out my 250 and shot these photos with the last two sheets of film left in my camera. I really like the way the suitcases came out and the fact I was able to get such a good exposure with the little daylight that was left streaming through the window.

I guess this would also be a good time to mention... If you like these photos, or any of my photos, I will be having a small show Aug. 12th at Aperture in Cleveland, Ohio and these prints (along with many more that you've seen on this blog) will be available for purchase. More info in the show poster below... Of course, in the off chance you would like a print but live no where near Cleveland, you can always Email Me as well and we can try to work something out.

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