07 July 2011

Rollei Retro 400 - Yashica D - Edgewater at Night

Here are a few more images from my recent roll of Rollei Retro 400. Both of these images are from Edgewater Beach, which, I'm sure you recognize from many previous posts. The Pier, above, was taken about half an hour after sunset... It was almost entirely dark out save the lights along the Pier. This would probably be my favorite shot from this entire roll of film.
Now this Tree has obviously been on this blog before as it's one of my favorite things about Edewater beach and one of my favorite things to shoot in that area. This photo was taken just as the sun was setting off to the left of the tree there, about a two second exposure. The full view of this photo is really great, you start to notice all the little details like the two ghostly people standing just to the left of the tree...

Photograph Info:
Location: Edgewater, Cleveland OH
Camera: Yashica D
Film: Rollei Retro 400

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