18 July 2011

Impossible Project PX 70 Color Shade - Polaroid Walk Follow Up

During a post from last week, I talked about Aperture's first ever Polaroid Walk in honor of Polaroid Week as well as my first experiences with the Impossible Project's PX70 Color Shade. I thought I would do a little follow up to share a few more of the photos from that days walk. 

The first, seen above, is a photo of an arcade bowling game at Prosperity Social Club. Being indoors without a tripod, this image was shot perched atop a bar stool and had an exposure of around 2-3 seconds. I always find that I get really nice colors with long exposures (or, if nothing else, warmer, contrasty colors). Another long exposure from that night (below) was shot in near darkness with just about a 14 second exposure. I shot this little piano with my SX70 propped up on a wallet and tabletop while inside the Literary Cafe.

I did take a couple outdoor shots along the way as well. The first, being a very good example of the color that can be pulled out of the new PX70, was someone's bright yellow front door. And then there's a set of two images taken along one of Tremont's sidewalks... a simple paper lantern and a tree wrapped in lights.

Of course I wasn't the only person walking the neighborhood and shooting Impossible's film that day... As luck would have it, I convinced my girlfriend (we'll call her Tiffany) to come along as well despite having never picked up a polaroid camera before. Aperture was nice enough to be loaning out cameras for the walk, and Tiffany got to shoot the Impossible PX70 as well using a non-folding SX70 Button. Even though I have never posted anyone else's work on my blog before, I thought these two images were a great example of the new PX70 and how wonderfully saturated the colors can be... not to mention, these photos are pretty nice for her first outing with instant film.

Photograph Info:
Location: Cleveland Ohio
Camera: Polaroid SX70 Sonar/ SX70 Button
Film: Impossible Project PX 70 Color Shade

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