26 April 2012

Impossible Project PX100 Test Film - Oil Can's and Seagulls

Just some quick shots with some of Impossible Projects PX 100 Silver Shade film. I took this top one in the office's comp room with available window light using an SX-70. This is technically test film, as I bought a bunch of it when it became available originally, but I think it might be my last pack. Either way, I think this might be my favorite film from Impossible thus far (it's tough to choose though between this and the PX 600 Black Frame). Nearly every photo I take with this film comes out beautifully, and, I can only imagine it's just going to continue to get better.

And, for the road, here's another on the PX 100 that I took while out on a walk a few weeks back. I was walking out by the lake and the Seagulls were flying everywhere. I only had one shot left in the pack but wanted to try and get an image of just one bird on a blank sky. I had to completely guess at a focus point and try to time it just right - it's not the best shot in the world, but there's something about it I like. It reminds me of that day, the weather, and the quiet walk along the water... really, isn't that what this stuff's all about?

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