30 April 2012

Impossible Project PX680 Old Generation - West Side Market

This morning I spent a couple hours over at the West Side Market in Ohio City. We were there filming a video that we are putting together for Positively Cleveland that highlights some of the city's best, biggest and most interesting attractions. Since the Market's a corner stone of the city and has been there for 100 years now (there will be a huge centennial celebration later this summer), we knew it was an obvious choice when it came to filming locations. Of course we couldn't do it alone, so, we invited along a big Cleveland advocate and one of our favorite Bloggers (Cleveland's a Plum) Alexa Marinos to be our star for the day.

Unfortunately, since the video is still a work in progress over the next few weeks I won't be able to share any of that just yet. What I do have (big surprise) is some instant photos that I took while I was there. Today's film of choice was some Old Generation PX680 Color Shade from the Impossible Project. I've only shot one of these Old Gen packs previously (which was something of an experiment) but I was pleasantly surprised with how well this film still works. This time around I was shooting with my usual SX-70 Sonar with an ND pack filter and, even though the indoor shots were a bit dark, I found that the color of this film was still pretty outstanding.

I still have half of this pack of film remaining in my camera so (fingers crossed) I'll be posting some more shots in the near future...

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