04 April 2012

Lost Fuji FP-100B - Pennsylvania Bed & Breakfast - The Galloping Inn

I was going through my hard drives this morning as I do from time to time looking for images that may have been overlooked for one reason or another. Taken in April of 2011 during a weekend trip these images never got posted  due to the fact that I had taken and shot with multiple cameras, and, ultimately came back with tons of images that I decided to post instead. I guess one thing led to another and I shot more images, posted more images, and again, left these sitting on a hard drive un-cut, un-cropped and un-posted. 

Funny thing is, I have thought about posting these multiple times over the last year. I never forgot about them and I actually like them quite a bit... they just always seem to be replaced by something else. So finally, since I haven't shot many other things recently, I have decided to pull these out and get them up on the blog.

As I mentioned at top, these were taken almost exactly one year ago. Shot with a Polaroid 250 on the now discontinued Fuji FP-100B these photos were taken at a beautiful bed and breakfast up in Pennsylvania called The Galloping Inn - a historic farmhouse built in the 1860's. It just so happens that this great little place is owned by the CEO of the company I work for here in Cleveland - so, every once in a while, I get to head up there with some friends for a weekend. I won't get into too much detail here, but if you are looking for a relaxing place to get away and find yourself in Northwest Pennsylvania area you should definitely check it out.

As for this film... well, if you haven't ever shot it and you are a fan of the Fuji peel apart films I would recommend that you get ahold of some before it disappears completely. There is definitely a similarity to Fuji's FP-3000B, but, the 100 speed seems to hold a better dynamic range. It's probably also worth mentioning, thought common knowledge to most, that the slower speed of this film makes it much better suited for shooting during the day in full sun - something slightly more difficult with the 3000 speed Fuji unless you have full manual control or a camera capable of high shutter speeds. 

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