02 May 2012

Impossible Project PX100 Orange Flash - Testing an SX70 Model 3

I've recently been testing a black Polaroid SX70 Model 3 that I picked up a couple months back as a project camera. I planned for this to be my second re-skinning project, but, I wanted to run a pack of film through it first to be sure that everything was functioning properly. Since I was completely unsure of how this camera would function (and because it's been sitting in my fridge a while) I decided to use a pack of old Impossible Project PX100 Orange Flash. 

Originally when I got this film it was pretty much like shooting today's PX100, except a bit more contrasty and with orange tones to it instead of black and white. Now, after a long while in the fridge, this film has become very, very contrasty - In most photos, there are almost no mid-tones to be had. On the bright side, I was still able to squeeze a few decent shots out, and, more importantly, I happily discovered that this camera functions just fine.

Keep an eye out for the future re-skin of this camera... but in the meantime, here are some of the other Orange Flash photo successes. 

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