09 July 2012

Fuji Astia Xpro - Canon FTb - Analog's Pulse Cleveland Ohio

As many of you are aware last weekend was the very first Analog's Pulse - an all analog, film loving gathering that happened right here in downtown Cleveland Ohio. The even was a big collaboration hosted and sponsored by some of film photography's finest - Aperture Photography and Variety of Cleveland, Film Photography Project out of New Jersey, A&A Studio's from Chicago, and of course Old-School Photo Lab in New Hampshire.

Held over three days Analog's pulse gave everyone in attendance a chance to meet and greet in person with everyone they communicate with on Twitter and Flickr on a daily basis. There was an opening reception Friday night at Aperture, Street Photography, Instant and Cross process walks on Saturday, and finally a small large format walk on sunday. In between, people gathered, ate, drank and generally had a good time. The event was a huge success and pulled in some great photographers from all over Ohio, New Hampshire, DC, Milwaukee, Toronto and New Jersey.

Of the photowalk's, one of the most popular was definitely the Instant walk which offered first, second and third place prizes for the best photos (including a beautifully refurbished SX70 donated by Leslie Lazenby of Imagine That in Findley Ohio). But, one of the most unique walks was probably the Xpro walk sponsored by Old School Photo Lab and A&A Studio's. A&A donated a bunch of Fuji Astia slide film which everyone shot during the Xpro walk and then Jake from Old School Photo Lab took it all back to NH with him, cross processed it and posted individual galleries online for all the participants. The results have been popping up on Flickr, Twitter and Blogs every since. It's been great to see the results so quickly considering it was an analog event.

The photos posted below are my own favorites from the Xpro walk that I shot with my Canon FTb using a 55mm f/1.2 lens. This was my first experience with cross processing, but, I definitely think there are some good shots from the roll.

And, if you're interested in seeing more, here are some other blogs of note that I'm aware of boasting images from this great event (if you have a post as well please let me know so that I can update this list for everyone)

Posts by - Jen Langman, John Meadows, Dave Lam, Jason Benning, and of course a full Flickr Gallery

Now, without further ado, my own Xpro:

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