03 July 2012

Kodak Elite Chrome 200 Expired - Canon FTb - NYC and Brooklyn

Flat Iron Building

Not really a whole lot to say about this post, but, as I mentioned in this earlier post, I have a few images to share from a roll of expired Elite Chrome 200 slide film that I ran through my Canon FTb with a 55mm f/1.2. This is probably the quickest that I have ever gone through a roll of 35mm film (shooting an entire roll in a few hours) but I'm working on using this format a bit more. I don't know why, but this is a format I've often avoided to a degree - perhaps just because I take forever to finish a roll, which of course, means it takes forever to get to see the images. Whatever the case may be, there will be some more 35mm in the near future including some Rollei Retro 100 from around Coney Island and some Fuji Astia that was taken this past weekend during Analog's Pulse that is being cross processed by Old School PhotoLab in New Hampshire as we speak.

But, for now, here are the remainder of the Kodak images from New York City and the Park Slope area of Brooklyn. Enjoy.

Cab outside Center for Alternative Photography

Basketball Courts in Park Slope Brooklyn

Traffic Signal - East 30th St

Store Front in Greenwich Village

Street Vendor on Broadway

View from the Impossible Project NYC Space

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