26 July 2012

Impossible Project PX70 NIGO - Polar Bear

With all of the 35mm photos I've been showing lately I figured it's high time I post something from the Impossible Project. Today's photo, shot with an SX-70 sonar using Impossible's PX 70 NIGO and an ND pack filter, comes from the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. I've only been to the Cleveland Zoo once before, but, this past weekend we had the opportunity to go and spend the entire day there. 

Camera's in tow, I was hoping to snap quite a few shots throughout the day, but, most of the animals seemed to have different plans as they hid out at the farthest point from all onlookers - generally, somewhere shady on a hot summer's day. That is, until we met this guy - whom I figured would be the most unlikely animal at the Zoo to be laid out sunbathing on a rock. Still, for about ten minutes, he perched there almost as if posing for the crowd like it was his civic duty as an active member of the zoo. 

This may have ended up being my only shot of the day, but, I think it made for a good one.

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