06 July 2012

Impossible Project PX70 NIGO - Texaco

It's been a couple of posts since I've put up any Impossible Project scans - a rarity for this blog. Today though, I have a shot using the Impossible Project PX70 NIGO film that I shot with my Polaroid SX-70 Sonar. I took this photo yesterday while in the tiny little town of West Middlesex Pennsylvania. Before heading back to Cleveland after a fun fourth of July back in my hometown we took a little detour over the PA border to stop in a couple different antique stores and flea markets. While I didn't find anything great, I did come across this Texaco sign which made for a nice quick photo.

Also, I got an email yesterday that my cross processed film from the Analog Pulse event here in Cleveland has been finished and posted to an online gallery - at first glance they look great, and, I will be going through them soon and choosing favorites to post up here on the blog. Stay tuned!

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  1. Dear Timothy, your site is a treasure for me. I'm only posting here, cause I think it's your most recent post and your most likely to find it. Actually I discovered your site from some of your posts back in 2010! See I shoot on Impossible Film and my SX-70 (photos here - http://zoophotos.wordpress.com) but so far have been shooting entirely on 600 film and want to start on px 70/100 film in order to go without an ND filter. Still i'm thinking of trying out the older PX 70 Push film but was looking around the web for more detailed experiences and this is what you site has in spades. Thank you. You have amazing pictures and your site is a treasure. Would love to hear any comments from you generally or on the pics on my site.