24 July 2012

35mm Rollei Retro 100 - Canon FTb - Coney Island Part 1

You might remember back in May that I went to New York for a couple of days for some business meetings, and, that while I was there I got the chance to go to one of my favorite places - Coney Island. I've already posted a couple rounds of photos from that trip through Coney (here and here) but I think this round is actually my favorite. I don't like to post too many photos at the same time, so, I've decided to break this post into two days worth of photos.

All of today and tomorrow's photos come from my Canon FTb and a roll of 35mm Rollei Retro 100 that I picked up in New York at the Lomography store. Rollei is most definitely one of  my favorite 35mm black and white films that I've shot with to date and previously the Rollei Retro 400s 120 version of this film gave me some of my favorite medium format film images (the Trikes and Edgewater at Night). I'm now very tempted to buy some of Rollei's 4x5 sheet film to see how it compares.

That's about all for today's post, but, be sure to check back tomorrow for the other half of the Coney Island images that I'll be posting at that time.

Part 2.

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