26 April 2013

Expired Polaroid ID Ultraviolet Film - Pointe

Last night I had the opportunity to head over to Arlene Cassara Dance Studio to shoot a couple rolls of film for the Coalesce52 project. Cassie, a model I have shown here before, was nice enough to help me get access to the studio's ballet and pointe classes and is the owner of the dancing feet you see above. While I was there mainly to shoot my roll of film for Week 17 (I actually shot 3), I was able to get this quick instant photo between classes as well. Shot with a Polaroid Land 250 this photo was taken on expired Polaroid ID UV film. If you are a fan of dance photography or dance in general be sure to keep an eye on the Coalesce52 blog in the coming weeks for the rest of the shots from last night. 

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