30 April 2013

Impossible Project PX70 Color Protection Formula - Food Photography

This past weekend as part of my Roll-A-Week project I came into the studio to work on some tabletop food photography set-ups. I've always been a fan of simple, well-lit food photography and have lately been reading a few different blog posts that highlight some easy available/window light setups and so I thought I'd take an afternoon pretending to be a food photographer. 

Still life and composition is something that I've always explored when shooting instant film, and since it's been so long since I've shot with any of the Impossible Project's films in any serious way it seemed natural to bring along my SX-70 Sonar to shoot each of my setups  alongside my roll of film. The images that I have here today were all taken with the SX-70 and Impossible's PX70 Color Protection Formula instant film. Each was left unshielded out of camera and developed face down in a relatively comfortable temperature (somewhere around 68 degrees fahrenheit). Enjoy.

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