12 March 2012

Fuji FP-3000B45 - Crown Graphic 4x5 - Huntington Reservation

Yesterday was one of those 60-something days in the middle of March. That, of course, led to a long drive and some time taking photos in a few different spots along the lake. I had my Crown Graphic with me, but, in a moment of brilliance, had only brought a pack of Fuji FP-3000B45. 3000 speed film on a bright sunny day with a camera that will only shoot at 1/400 of a second just doesn't add up. So, since this was one of the few times I only had one extra camera with me, I ended up shooting with that - a 35mm Canon Ftb loaded up with some 32 iso Rollei ATP. I will get that developed sooner or later.

Since my obsession with my new camera runs pretty deep though (and because I came across this location that I absolutely needed to shoot) I ended up going back out last night near sunset. I found the 3000B45 a lot more difficult to work with than expected, but after a few shots I came up with the photo posted above. This one was taken after sunset, somewhere near 8pm, with a 1 sec exposure. At the time it was dark enough I could barely make anything out on the ground glass and I wasn't sure how this film would handle the longer exposure. To my surprise (and delight) it handled it quite well... probably one of my favorite photos I've taken in a long time.

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