28 March 2012

Impossible Project PX100 Test Film - Photos with Bridget

As promised in my previous post I am back to share some more photos of Bridget. This time on Impossible Project's PX100 test film. Being the first shoot that I've had in a while where I was able to work outside due to an unseasonably warm spring, these were shot in a couple different locations around the Cleveland area. The first two from the lower beach/breakers around Edgewater park, and, the second two from a random little alleyway downtown behind the Halle building.

These were both shot using an original model SX-70. Temperature outside was somewhere near 55-60 degrees f - and just to be safe I did keep these in a pocket to be sure it was warm enough for development. The alleyway that I took the next two in was a little darker, so, without a tripod the slightly longer exposure time did give me a bit of motion blur and a softer image.

And finally, just for good measure, I like to remind people sometimes that I do in fact still shoot digitally on a semi regular basis. This is especially true when I am shooting fashion and portrait work for mine or someone else's portfolio. So, below are two of the images that I recently finished from the above alley set. Enjoy.

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