20 March 2012

Impossible Project PX 680 Gold Frame - Lunchtime walks

I'm not sure why it's taken me five years of working downtown to figure it out, but, I am easily able to walk down to the waterfront during my lunch break. So, this week, that's just what I've done... pick up lunch down the road, walk down to the waterfront, find a nice place to sit and spend my lunch hour there. It's pretty quiet and peaceful compared to the Warehouse district where my office is located. It doesn't appear that there are a lot of people who go down there during lunch either, so it's been pretty relaxing too.

Today I took my SX70 sonar and the last of the pack of PX 680 Goldframe that I had loaded in it. These two are my favorite images of the day. This PX 680 really impresses me more and more every time I shoot it. It has such great accurate colors, contrast and sharpness. The development time for these still took quite awhile despite it being 70 or so degrees today (probably averaging about 30-40 mins for final development), but, when you see the final results with this film you really can't complain too much.

I think I might take a walk in another direction tomorrow and shoot some of my remaining PX 100 test film along the way...

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