21 March 2012

Impossible Project PX100 Test Film - Lunch and a Pack of Impossible

After yesterday's lunch time outing with my camera and a few shots of PX 680 Gold Frame, I thought it would be fun to spend today's lunch break walking the city with an entire pack of Impossible's PX 100 test film. The idea was to shoot the entire pack in (approximately) the hour that I have for lunch and then return to the office to scan, crop and post all 8 images. It's kind of like my own little 8 Exposures, except, the 8 images in this post are from a single outing and single pack of film. 

I was of course aware when I went out that not all 8 of my photos would be perfect, but, they would be an honest 8 exposures - which is why I have decided to post all of them here whether I like them or not. Either way, it was a fun little exercise and something I think I will likely do again. Perhaps the next time Impossible releases a new film.

Without further ado, here are my 8 photos presented in the order they were taken. Enjoy!

1. Key Tower

2. The Osborn

3. Building Lines

4. Crossing Reflection

5. Saxaphone Player w/ Leg

6. Restaurant Window

7. W St Clair

8. Downtown RTA

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