26 March 2012

Impossible Project Old Generation PX70 PUSH & Website Re-design launched

I had a great shoot this past weekend with a model named Bridget whom I had not shot with before. I ended up with a ton of great selects, and, got the chance to work with some of the Old Generation PX70 PUSH that I purchased a few months back. The results were surprising.

Despite having recently read about this film (and despite the fact that I've shot more frames of this film than any other film) I forgot how long the development process can really be - somewhere around 12 hours or so for the final results. Immediately out of camera (and by immediately I mean about an hour later) the film was almost entirely magenta/pink in color. The image was there, but, hard to make out in some cases and really had no color other than the magenta PUSH is known for.

I scanned each about two hours after shooting, somewhat disappointed with my results, but then came in to my office this morning (about a day and a half later) to find them looking completely different. So, I scanned them again, and figured I would share the results side by side. This might help anyone who purchased the 10 pack of Old Gen PUSH from Impossible a while back and have been discouraged with their results early on - remember, don't judge the photo immediately and throw it out. Hang on to it for a day or two and see what really develops.

Here are some samples (click for full view):

As you can see, the images are quite different two days later. More color, more contrast, better tones. Of course, you still have to shoot PUSH properly to get this far. Use bright light (possibly even a flashbar), make sure the image doesn't get exposed to any light at all when it comes out of the camera and keep the image warm. It was about 60 degrees at the time I shot these images and I still kept them up against my body for quite a while to help with development. Hopefully this little review helps some people out who purchased this film and are having trouble with it or who have never shot it before.

Now, on to one other bit of news. After quite a bit of neglect, my personal site has finally been rethought, redesigned and recently updated for anyone who might be interested in taking a look. 

Where it used to remain solely dedicated to my digital portfolio I have decided to now include some of my favorite work using instant and traditional films as well. I've become so involved in analog photography over the past couple years that it seems only right to expand my website to include this work. So, if you get the chance, please do visit the site and let me know what you think, or, if anything isn't working for you.

Thanks, and keep an eye out for my next post which will have some really great PX100 images that I also shot this weekend.

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