17 August 2012

Impossible Project PX680 Test Film V4B - 'Roid Week - Buds Barber Shop

Bud's Barber Shop in Edinboro, PA is today's image for Friday, the final day of 'Roid Week. I was hoping to share a few more film types this week but as luck would have it I haven't got to shoot much else this week. As always, though, I will continue to post all of my instant work here - 'Roid Week was fun, but, it's not the only time us die-hards shoot instant film (or any film for that matter). 

This image again was shot with an SX70 using and ND pack filter. The film type is Impossible Project's PX680 V4B test film, and, as great as this film looks the new PX70 V4B opacification test film looks even better. Luckily, I just happened to order 4 packs of it this morning.

Stay tuned for a full write up sometime in the next week or two...

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