24 August 2012

Impossible Project PX70 Test Film V4B - Fruit Basket

Normally I go into great detail when I shoot with one of the new Impossible Test films. For the Impossible PX70 Test film V4B though... I'm just going to refer you to my review of the PX 680 V4B. Read that, and just know that this version of the film is even better. If anyone out there still doubts how great Impossible's films are and will be, just go shoot this film and then let it rest.

I shot this photo this morning while literally walking out the door. I notice this basket of fruit sitting by the window, put all my stuff back down, got out my SX 70 Sonar and snapped this. The photo was left unshielded out of camera and then dropped in my bag as I headed out. When I got to the office this morning this was my end result. I think my jaw hit the floor when I pulled this out of my bag.

I can't wait to continue shooting this film. I'll be sharing more soon.

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