29 August 2012

Impossible Project PX70 Test Film V4B - Some Mums in a Toolbox

This morning will have to be a quick update as I am heading out of the office soon to shoot some video. We have had these flowers sitting on the table at home for a while now so I figured I'd see how the new Impossible Project PX70 V4B would render the bright yellow. I wanted to shoot them outside so I laid them in an old wooden toolbox that I have and framed a little grass off to the right. I was hoping to get a little more exposure in the grass so that I could have some brighter greens, but it appears to have metered mostly off the yellows of the flowers. Still, not bad.

Like most recent photos this was taken using an SX70 Sonar with the lighten/darken halfway to dark. The photo was left unshielded out of camera and throughout the development process which was under normal indoor lighting.

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