27 August 2012

Impossible Project PX70 Test Film V4B - Waterfront & Coca-Cola

The new Impossible Project PX70 V4B test film really is brilliant. Everything you've been waiting for them to improve upon seems to be coming together with the most recent batches of film. The colors are more saturated and true. The film continues to get sharper and carry higher tonal range. The opacification layer has been improved and in my opinion is very functional for a shooter of any level of experience. 

The only draw back that I'm seeing in this current run of film (the PX70 V4B and PX680 V4B) is the time it takes for full development. As I mentioned in some earlier posts, I'm estimating a near full development in the 30-40 minute range with some continuous color and contrast shift over the next 24 hours. Honestly though, I think the PX70 is shifting much, much less over the next few hours than the PX680 was, and, I assume that may be the case with the PX680 V4C as well since it is now optimized for color. When that film arrives later this week I'll be sure to let you know. As far as the long development times are concerned... I'm really not one to complain. This product has come so far in the past few months that it's hard to complain about anything. I, for one, am happy to trade speed for quality.

As for the two shots in this post, they were shot under very different conditions but resulted in equally beautiful results. The photo at top was shot in full sunlight (not a cloud in the sky) with temperatures at about 80-85 degrees. I left the photo unshielded as it ejected from camera but quickly grabbed it and threw it in my shirt pocket for development. The development time was long, but, this is one of the first times I have gotten a blue sky to render blue... for some reason cream has been the norm for me despite the number of beautiful blue skies I've seen from others.

The second photo was shot indoors under more controlled conditions. The light was available, natural window light from the right and the temperature was a much more tolerable 65-70 degrees. This photo was also left unshielded out of camera, but, unlike the photo above it was left right-side up under normal indoor lighting conditions throughout the development process. A bit of a different process, but, just another example of this films ability to capture a completely different range of colors and tones.

The new PX680 V4C should arrive later this week and I'll try to get a few shots with that film posted soon as well. 

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