28 August 2012

Impossible Project PX70 Test Film V4B - Moody Swedish Cookies

Just a quick shot from when I got to the office this morning. Anna's has become one of my favorite cookies, whether it's these orange thins or one of the many other delightful flavors, and I've always thought that they have really nice packaging design. I particularly like the color palettes that they use and figured this orange might be a nice color to test out on the new Impossible Project PX70 V4B. I had hoped to offset the color with a deep red background but because of the material I used on the table there was a distinct difference in the amount of light reflected compared to the cardboard of the packaging. So... I ended up losing all of my reds and instead got this moody little portrait of my orange thins.

This was shot on an SX70 Sonar with the lighten/darken wheel turned halfway towards darken. I used natural window light from the right and left the image entirely unshielded during ejection and development. As I've mentioned before and have seen a few others mention recently, you can really notice an improvement in the dynamic range of this new film. Even though I was not able to expose for the red background in this image you'll still notice that there is some pretty good shadow detail on the backside of the box closest to the camera.

Oh, and if I haven't mentioned it before - I really do love this film.

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