15 October 2012

Expired Polaroid Type 57 - Graflex Crown Graphic - Cassie

I just wanted to write a quick post this morning to share an image from a shoot I did this weekend with local Cleveland model Cassie. She's repped by a new local agency, Taxi MGMT, who seem to be growing quickly and have a lot of great talent in their ranks from what I can see. Although I didn't get to shoot as much film as I would have liked I was able to shoot a bit of Polaroid 664, which I'll post at a later time, and this shot using some expired Polaroid Type 57 in my Graflex Crown Graphic. I think I'm finally getting a handle on this film and the best approach for metering and exposing it. There's an interesting, almost pencil sketch, quality to this film that I kind of like. In any event, I'll continue shooting it until the sad day that I inevitably run out.

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