09 October 2012

Expired Polaroid Type 664 - Hillary

As promised, today I have a few more images from this past weekends shoot with Hillary. These two were taken while we were shooting over in the Tremont area just outside of downtown cleveland for what was our first look of the day. I shot both of these with my Polaroid 250 using expired Polaroid Type 664. I've had a couple packs of this film sitting around for a while now but just haven't ever gotten around to shooting with it. 

I'd say the film itself is still holding up quite well. Not surprising, really, for expired Polaroid stock. The highlights are a bit blown in these images, but, considering the Polaroid 250 meters and exposes automatically I think the overall exposure came out pretty well. The only downside to these images is that shooting this film serves as a constant reminder that the remainder of this film (along with all the other remaining Polaroid stock) is constantly disappearing and many of these film types will never be reproduced like the integral films are by the Impossible Project. Fingers crossed, though, that one day someone might remedy that.

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