08 October 2012

Expired Polaroid Type 57 - Graflex Crown Graphic

This past weekend was the first time in a long time that I got the chance to work with a new model. Hillary was nice enough to drive down from the Erie, PA area Saturday for a shoot. We shot a couple looks that morning with a variety of cameras and a few different film types. Down the road I hope to post a few images from my Mamiya 645j that I had loaded with Rollei Retro 100, and, perhaps an image or two from my Polaroid 250 using some original Polaroid 664.

Today's image, however, is more of a celebration for me personally as I've finally put to use once more my 4x5 Crown Graphic. It's a been a little frustrating to not have this camera out in recent weeks as it's become one of my favorite camera's to use, but, the disappearance of the readily available Fuji 4x5 instant films definitely cut into how often it sees the light of day. So finally, from my slowly dwindling supply of expired Polaroid Type 57, here's a new large format image. Despite the grainy, temperamental nature of this expired film, I really do enjoy using it and trying to get decent results from it. 

Maybe one of these day's I'll finally get around to developing some of the sheet film I've shot over the last couple months... or even start shooting more sheet film in place of the instant film supply I do have. At the very least, I could again shoot some large format color images...

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