22 October 2012

Impossible Project PX70 Test Film V4B - Festive Fall Colors

Another weekend come and gone, but, this one did provide some beautiful fall weather and a chance to get out and shoot some of the brilliant colors. SX-70's in hand, we ended up at the Rocky River Reservations overlook Sunday afternoon and the photos here are my plunder for the day - four shots, all pretty nice. 

All of these are from the Impossible Project's new PX70 Color Protection formula and were all shot the same way - a half turn towards darken, unshielded out of camera, developed in a pocket for warmth with a total development time in the 20-30 minute range.

The color on this film is really great stuff and much easier to shoot than every before. In fact, It's such a good looking film that even Tiffany finally agreed to let me take her photo with it. Take a good look... this is a rare occasion!

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