11 October 2012

Impossible Project PX680 Test Film V4C and... Digital (Gasp!)

Today I have the last of my instant photos from my recent shoot with Hillary. This shot was taken on Impossible Projects PX 680 V4c Test film with an ND pack filter using my trusty SX70. Ligthen/Darken wheel was set about half way to darken, and, the photo was left unshielded out of camera but developed in my pocket away from any light source. Temps were pretty chilly this day so I tried to keep this photo warm, but, I think that may be partially responsible for the blown highlights.

To make up for the partially blown exposure (and because this is my blog and I can do whatever I want) today I'm also sharing some of the digital images from this location. I know it's become a rarity on this site for me to post anything digital, but, I do still shoot digital and see no reason not to share that part of my work here on occasion as well. So, enjoy.

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