28 January 2013

New Year Long Project - Coalesce52

Week 1 Camera and Film

You might recall that a few weeks back I mentioned starting a new, year-long film project. Well, I am now four weeks underway with that project and wanted to share a few of the details with all of you in case you are interested in following along. 

Week 2 Camera and Film

Coalesce52 is, in a nutshell, a 52 week project that I've begun with a couple of my other creative friends. Every week through the remainder of the year I will be shooting a minimum of one roll a film per week in an effort to shoot more film throughout the year. My friends Scott Meivogel and Anthony Zart will also be undertaking the year long project with me - Scott shooting a roll of film per week the same as me and Anthony creating an original written word piece and illustration ever week. Early next year you can catch some of our favorite pieces of work (likely the top image from each roll of film) in a gallery show at Aperture. Meanwhile, however, you can visit our project blog to keep up with some of the images that will not be seen at that show.

Week 3 Camera and Film

I was going to share a few images from the first couple of weeks here on the blog, but, I'd think I'd prefer that everyone jump over to Coalesce52 instead to see not only my first two weeks posts, but, also check out some of the early works from Scott and Anthony.

Week 4 Camera and Film

Once again, in case you want all the info, here it is in short form:

Web: Coalesce52
Twitter: @coalesce52
Email: coalasce52@gmail.com

Thanks everyone for your continued support in my blog and I hope that many of you carry over to follow this other excited project throughout the year as well.


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