09 January 2013

Expired Polaroid ID Ultraviolet Film - Polaroid Land 250 - Van Roy Coffee

As I've mentioned once or twice before I have an affinity for old signage. This particular sign, found heading into downtown Cleveland on Detroit Ave., is one that I've wanted to shoot for a while and never got around to. So, this past weekend while finishing up a roll of film I snapped this shot with my Polaroid 250 using the expired Polaroid ID-UV film that I already had loaded in it. This is still my first pack of this film (thought I now have quite a bit) and I was really surprised this time out how much color I was able to get from it. My first attempt (seen here) were really monotone and led me to believe that this film would probably be consistent with my results of using expired Polaroid 108.

As an aside, I just received 4 rolls of film back from the lab this week. All of the photos are from my trip to Cancun, so, you'll likely start to see some of my favorites over the next couple days to weeks. It's probably also a good time to note that I have started a year long film project, shooting 1 roll a week, with Scott Meivogel from Aperture and should soon be able to start sharing those photos as well as some details of the project. You can likely look forward to a new joint blog associated with the project and eventually a show to display some of the best work coming out of the project. I'll provide more details on that project in the upcoming weeks, but, I will say that at times I expect to be stretched thin trying to come up with interesting people, places and things to take photos of... So, if you have ideas, access to great places, people, or things, please don't hesitate to get a hold of me.

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  1. That's a cool project you guys are doing. I'll look forward to the photographs you decide to share! Having done a photo a day thing since 2009 (5th year this year...yikes...) I can tell you first hand, by the time December rolls around, you'll probably be running pretty thin on things to shoot and places to go. But I found it to be a good creative challenge to find the interesting among the everyday mundane. Good luck to both you and Scott! ...and that reminds me...I should stop by Aperture again soon...been a while.