31 January 2013

Kodak BW400CN - Yashica D - Huntington Reservation

This is one of those views, one of those tree's, that everyone from the area seems to know. Sitting along the water of Huntington Beach in Bay Village just outside of Cleveland this tree begs to be photographed. During the summer it is full and lively, giving the horizon a completely different feel than this winter image that is more barren and cold. If you look closely in the back right you can actually see the city.

Photographed with my Yashica D TLR and some Kodak BW400CN, this photo is just one of the images from a roll that I shot for Week 3 of the Coalesce52 project. To read more about my Week 3 and see some more of my top images take the jump over to Coalesce52 - Week 3.


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