29 January 2013

Kodak TMax100 - Canon Canonet QL17 - Winter

As I mentioned yesterday, the new Coalesce52 project blog is up and running now with work from the first couple weeks of the year. As I continue to shoot and post images through that site, I would like to point out that I will be making every effort to keep up with this blog as well - not only with photos from my 52 week project (though I'm sure you'll see many) but also with my usual menagerie of instant films and the occasional digital image.

I will say though that one of the perks of this new project, despite it's time consumption and demand for constantly finding new subjects, is that it does offer me a much broader selection of images to share through this blog. Already, in just 4 weeks, I've shot three different cameras and four different film types - a trend that I hope continues throughout the project allowing me stretch into even more film types I may not be as familiar with.

All of the images that I'm sharing here today were taken with Kodak TMax 100 using my Canon Canonet QL17 Rangefinder for Week 1 of the Coalesce52 project. This is the second roll of film that I have run thought this camera (you can see the first here) and I am again quite happy with the results.  

The TMax 100 that I shot these images with was a 36 exposure roll and I ended up with quite a few images that I liked. The high exposure count of some of the 35mm films that I'll be shooting this year will be really helpful when it comes to populating content across multiple sites. I also wanted to point out that these particular images were all shot right around dusk with very little daylight left in the sky. Despite this being a 100 ISO film it handled the low lighting conditions quite well - though I'm sure the Canonet's f/1.7 lens didn't hurt with that either.

Hope you enjoy todays images and of course if you'd like to see more from this roll please check out the Coalesce52 Week 1 post here.

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