14 January 2013

Impossible Project PX680 Color Protection - Megan

This past weekend I had the pleasure of working with a new model. Megan was here at just the right time to benefit from a beautifully unseasonal warm January day. Temps hit around 60-65 and the warm weather let us get outside for a few different looks. Seen here are images from Edgewater Beach and one of the bridges in the flats. All images were shot on Impossible Projects PX 680 Color Protection using an SX70 sonar. Film was unshielded out of camera and left to develop in my pocket through the remainder of the shoot.

It's probably also worth noting, since it's definitely not evident in the photos, that this was actually Megan's first shoot. Megan was brought to my attention by another local model, agent, promoter and general entrepreneur Cali Miles (who, as luck would have it, also did the hair and makeup for this shoot). If you are from the area and in need of a model, MUA, stylist or someone to help out with promotions be sure to check out her website.

Enjoy the photos.

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