30 November 2011

Impossible Project PX100 Orange Flash - At Dredgers Union

At work we are producing a little video piece for a local retail store called Dredgers Union. Dredgers considers themselves a "lifestyle store," that has men and women's apparel, home goods, kids and just about everything else in between. It's a great store located right in the hustle and bustle of the E. 4th Street neighborhood. Co-owners Danielle and Sean have done a great job in bringing a little retail back to the city and have done so in a way that feels like a big, national chain... and I don't doubt that someday it will be. If you happen to find yourself in the area, I definitely recommend checking out their beautiful store.

Now, these photos probably aren't what you'd expect from what I just described, and rightfully so. Being that we are producing a longer format piece with them I was fortunate enough to get to check out their offices/design space. Dredgers is highly focused on "Domestically Produced Values," and in that vein they have a domestically produced private label of apparel and home goods. The photos in this post were taken in that design space and focus on a few of the dress forms that were sitting out. Both were shot on a Polaroid SX-70 using Impossible Project's PX 100 Orange Flash... a film that I've given up trying to predict, but enjoy either way.

If you'd like a little more insight into Dredgers Union stay tuned to their website and blog over the coming weeks and you should find the final video piece we've put together for them.


  1. Wonderful images! I look forward to the video and seeing what they're doing next. They are a inspiring addition to our city!

  2. Thank you very much. If I remember I will post the video here as well when it is finished (or at least link to it)