22 November 2011

Impossible Project PX 600 Black Frame PP - Wrigleyville

I think these are the last of my photos from Chicago. At least, the last of my photos that are on instant/integral film. There are a few more floating about on 35mm Ektachrome slides, and, some yet to be developed ones on 35mm Rollei ATP that I'm pretty excited to see.

These photos were taken the last day of our trip to Chicago. We were actually entirely packed up, large coffee's in-hand, getting ready to hit the highway. There was one last thing I wanted to see though, if only for the sake of seeing it, and that was Wrigley Field.

What you see at top is (obviously) not Wrigley Field, but an eatery within walking distance in Wrigleyville. I ended up liking this photo better than the one I took of the actual stadium - though that photo is great for what the subject matter is, I personally find it very uninteresting. The photo of the 'EAT' sign down the road though... I rather liked.

However, for the sake of posting it, here is that shot of Wrigley as well.

Both shots were captured on an SX 70 Sonar with Impossible Project's PX 600 Black Frame "Poor Pod."

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