10 November 2011

Fuji FP-3000B Negative - Ashley K

Since my post the other day on finding a misplaced, forgotten photo I've been wondering what other things might be laying around that I've forgotten about, never scanned, misplaced or otherwise. So, I decided to go through some things to see what I might find. The first thing I grabbed was a box of older Fuji FP-3000b negatives, many of which I have already scanned or posted along the way, and that is where I found these two images of Ashley that I had yet to scan.

If I remember correctly, these were taken sometime right in the beginning of spring when it was still quite chilly outside. We had picked a bunch of wardrobe for the day, but because we were planning to shoot outside and it was still pretty early in the morning (AKA to cold for me) we decided to do a couple photos in the studio with available light. Fuji's 3000 iso film is pretty good for this kind of thing. It lets me shoot on the fly, with minimal light, and still get some decent results. These are simple, almost the type of polaroid you'd submit to an agency, but I kind of like the way they turned out. Just another example of why you should go through your old work every now and then to see what you might of missed.

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