09 November 2011

Impossible Project PX100 Orange Flash - Chagrin Beverages

Another quick update today between the many jobs I'm engrossed in. Today's photo was taken in the Chagrin Falls area about two weeks ago while out meandering through one of the last nice weekends. Chagrins a fun little town with a lot of old charm like this, and, this just happens to be a great store to pick up any number of wines or beers that you can't find a lot of other places.

Taken with an SX70 sonar and Impossible's PX 100 Orange Flash. The temps were still a little cooler than normal, so there is a hint of the black and white tones, and where I warmed the photo a lot more of the oranges and browns. I still have a few packs of this film left... it might be great for cold weather shooting.

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