20 June 2012

35mm Rollei ATP 1.1 - Last images from this roll

It's rare for me to get a lot of photos out of one roll of 35mm or 120/220 that I like and think are worth posting. The fact that so many have come from this roll of Rollei ATP is even more surprising. My first glance at these negatives led me to believe there was hardly anything worth trying to salvage from the entire roll. Everything looked to be a bit underexposed and ATP doesn't have much leeway when it comes to missing the exposure. With a little work though, I've found some things that I'm glad I didn't just ignore without even scanning. Sure, technically these aren't perfect photos... but then again, when has that ever been what this blog is about?

In case you haven't read any of my previous posts featuring this film, these were all taken with a Canon FTb using the Canon 55mm f/1.2 lens and an external Sekonic meter. The image at top is from an early spring trip along the shore of Lake Erie. This spot is now one of my favorite Cleveland beach spots and is located in the Huntington Reservation. The second image, also from early spring, is from outside a great wine and beer store located in Chagrin Falls. And finally, the image below, is a little still life that I set up while over at Aperture Photography and Variety one afternoon. It was actually the very last exposure on the roll - I only had one shot, and while I would have preferred to have been able to get a second photo bracketed a bit higher, I still like what I ended up with.

Hopefully, very soon, I will be getting back some color slide film of NYC images and some black and white 120 of varying things. As soon as I do, I'll start posting those selects. Stay tuned...

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