05 June 2012

35mm Rollei ATP 1.1 - Super High Contrast

Shooting 35mm film is an interesting experience for me. It's probably the format that I shoot the least when it comes to shooting film. A roll can often stay in my camera from a couple months to anywhere around year or more. In the end it really does make it interesting to go through the negatives and look at the different places I've been and things I've shot over that period of time.

The photo above was the next to last shot on a recent roll of Rollei ATP 1.1. This was taken early this spring along the water front of Lake Erie. It was one of those unseasonably warm Saturday's so we had taken a drive and a couple of cameras out to enjoy the weather. Despite being in a park with a few other people milling about when I saw this tree it had a very abandoned and desolate feeling to it. This is one of those few times where I saw the image in my head before exposing the film and ended up with something almost identical to what I had pictured. I was so sure about it that this is actually the only frame I took.

As for this Rollei ATP... well, it's much more difficult to shoot then I had imagined. I've worked with the MF Rollei Retro 400 before (seen here and here) and immediately fell in love with the results of the film. I figured the ATP would be similar to shoot, but I found that the dynamic range of this film is thin and the final images are very very high contrast. 

After working with these images a bit I've found a few that I really like, but overall have to say that this film is much harder to work with if you happen to miss your exposure by even a little bit. Still, for my first time out with the ATP and my first time shooting anything as low as 32 iso I think I got some decent results. I look forward to posting a few more images from this roll in the coming days .

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