07 June 2012

35mm Rollei ATP 1.1 - Photos with Natalie

I figured I would follow up my most recent post about Rollei ATP 1.1 with some more of the photos that I came across on that same roll of film. These were actually taken as far back as October of last year when I headed down to the Columbus area to shoot with Natali. At the time I had posted a shot taken with a Polaroid 250 using expired Polaroid Sepia and mentioned that I had taken some 35mm images as well that I would share in the future when I finally got the roll developed. Well... eight months later here we are.

At first I was a little disappointed when I scanned these images in, but, after looking at them in comparison to the rest of the images on the roll I decided these weren't as bad as I expected. I did put in a little time working on the levels and contrast of these images after they were scanned to get them to where they are now. Whereas I am generally a purist with my instant film scans, I am a little more liberal with my 35mm, MF and sheet film scans. Since I'm not yet at the point of developing my own film, which takes away a certain amount of control, I am alright with considering Photoshop my digital darkroom for negatives after they have been developed and scanned.

You will notice though that overall I didn't do much work on these in the way of retouching as I would my traditional digital model photography. In fact, I ended up liking the sloppy scanned borders, dust and grit so much that I decided to keep all of those things in tact just as they came in. I think the high contrast, gritty feel of these photos actually works really well and the more I look at them the more they grow on me. 

As I continue through this roll of Rollei ATP 1.1 I'm starting to think I may need to give this film another go around. Yes, it is a bit more difficult to shoot, but I think the results can be very nice when all is said and done.

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