21 June 2012

Fuji FP-3000B45 - Graflex Crown Graphic 4x5 - Orange Lillies

Recently, I was fortunate enough to be presented with the opportunity to purchase two boxes of expired Polaroid Type 57  4x5 sheet film for my Graflex Crown Graphic. Unfortunately, I haven't had much luck with the film thus far.

Last night I tested two more sheets of the 3000 ISO rated instant film, and, thus far each has come out black. I'm unsure if it's a film problem, camera problem or a problem with my polaroid back. I've even tested with a longer exposure on my last shot to see if it would have any effect but it didn't appear to. The chemicals seem to be coming out of their pods, but no image is developing. I have yet to break into the second box of film to see if I have any better luck. If anyone out there has any thoughts, I'd be happy to hear them.

That being said, after spending the time setting up a shot to test with, I thought it would be a waste to walk away frustrated. So, I shot two sheets of Ilford Delta 400 and then fired off the last shot of Fuji FP-3000B45 that I still had loaded in my other polaroid back. Happily, I ended up with this beautiful shot of these Orange Lilies that valiantly sacrificed their lives to come inside for a photo-op. 

One other small detail of note - you might notice that this is my first image with the Crown Graphic in the portrait arrangement. Finally, after a few months of frustration and stupidity, I have realized that I do in fact have another location on the Crown Graphic body to attach my tripod plate, which, allows me to shoot vertically. In my defense though, the little guy was hiding under the leather handle that I have never used. Needless to say, that strap has been removed for the time being...

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